Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bunny Kid- The Characters

Betty Bunny - A Rabbit Girl Who Ricky Rabbit Thinks Likes Him
Binky Bobcat - Little Brother Of Boris Bobcat he is a Young Bobcat who acts normal & Trys to Stay Out Of Trouble

Billy Goose- A Green Goose Who Is Rickys Best Friend And acts Serious s

Ricky Rabbit - A Rabbit Kid Who is trying To Be Normal but He Acts Wierd & Stupid
I Will Put More Characters Later On In This Blog

An Idea For A Show

My Show Is Called Bunny Kid & I Want It To Air On Nickelodeon

The Show is Influenced by Saturday Morning Cartoons & Has Slapstick Humor

The Comedy is Influenced by Classic Warner Bros,MGM,& Hanna-Barbera,Walter Lantz Cartoons

The Show Is About A Rabbit Kid named Ricky Rabbit who Is Trying To Be Normal, But sometimes his friends are Telling Him False & Unknown Things That Get Him In Trouble