Monday, August 15, 2011

Cartoons That I Want to See on DVD


Tom and Jerry Kids-

I Remember seeing reruns of this show on Cartoon Network when i was a Child

The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse (1970s)

Not To Be confused with the 87-89 series that started Animated Miracles

This Came a Decade Before

I Was Fun like the other show (sorta)



Cartoons that I Want to See on DVD

Part 6- Linus the Lionhearted


Because This Cereal based Toon of The 1960s NEEDS TO BE ON DVD !!!!!


Also This was The Only Cartoon to be based on a Cereal

Catoons that i want to See on DVD

Part 4- The Comic Strip (Rankin-Bass)

The Next Show is a Forgotten One,produced by Rankin-Bass (Animagic Junk:Rudolph
and Others), its The Comic Strip

consisting of 4 Segments

Karate Kat - Hong Kong Phooey but with a Cat

Street Frogs - a bunch of Hip Hop Frogs who ssem like R-B's Awnser to The Ninja Turtles

Mini-Monsters - a bunch of kid monsters at camp

Tigersharks - Thundercats & Silverhawks with an underwater setting

Cartoons that i want to See on DVD

Part 3- George Pal Puppetoons

Before Gumby and Wallace & Grommit.... there were Puppetoons, done by Hungarian Born
Animator George Pal,who later did The Special Effects for War of The Worlds AND Tom Thumb. These Shorts were both fun and imaginative

HOWEVER ......

Some of these Shorts were controversial due to some POLITICALLY INCORRECT MATERIAL
(such as racism).

the only time Puppetoons were released on DVD was The DVD premiere of THE PUPPETOONS MOVIE( which i got today..... in VHS format)!!!!

But DVD,Blu-Ray of ANYTHING else re-release more Puppetoons in Chronological or Mixed Form

Cartoons that i want to see On DVD

Part 2:The Pink Panther (1993) and The Pink Panther and Sons

If Theres one thing for sure, is that are two other classic cartoon incarnations of another character from the Heydays on Cartoons ..... The Pink Panther

in The 80s and 90s they had 2 incarnations of our favorite non-verbal panther


There was one in i984 produced by Hanna-Barbera called The Pink Panther And Sons,

It Consisted of him having 2 Sons who also hanged out with a bunch of Multi-Colored Panthers called The Rainbow Panthers


Meanwhile in the 90s there was an incarnation were the Panther said words and sentences (not thoughts and hand movements) there are a couple of episodes on YouTube
in Awful Quality

Cartoons That I Want to See ON DVD

Part 1:The New Woody Woodpecker Show

How Can I Not confess.... I Like Woody Woodpecker,but before that when i was like 5 or 6, i watched the first episode on official Saturday morning TV that was the 1999-2002 incarnation of the Woody Woodpecker Show

that was the only episode i watched the rest i missed out on (a moment of silence)

WHY NOT PUT IT ON DVD ????? the have individual Episodes on

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Many Faces Of Ricky Rabbit


Anime Ricky

Pixel Ricky

Double R:Private Eyes,Ears,Nose & Mouth