Monday, May 21, 2012

3 Recent Ideas for Cartoons

Here are 3 of My Most Recent Works of Ideas for Cartoons

Archie Amphibian: The Mis-Adventures of a Teenage Toad who is Wandering through the town of Swamp Scentral,when he is Trying to get a Job... Comedy is hoping to Strike

Jurassic Pete: The Common but Klutzy Capers of A Caveman named Pete, as him and his Misfit Tribe go through a lot of Stone Age Antics, the result goes to a Comical Mess of Dino Daffiness

Martin & Mort: Two Cats in a Typical Abbot and Costello/Amos & Andy Duo (ask your parents or grandparents kids) as a Young,Stubborn,Cap-wearing Black Cat named Martin and an Older,Hardly Talkative,Neck Tie wearing Orange Cat named Mort, Get into a lot of Clawing Crazy Hi-Jinks

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Mack-Attack said...

I like the Archie idea :) Sounds like it would be funny