Monday, August 15, 2011

Cartoons that i want to see On DVD

Part 2:The Pink Panther (1993) and The Pink Panther and Sons

If Theres one thing for sure, is that are two other classic cartoon incarnations of another character from the Heydays on Cartoons ..... The Pink Panther

in The 80s and 90s they had 2 incarnations of our favorite non-verbal panther


There was one in i984 produced by Hanna-Barbera called The Pink Panther And Sons,

It Consisted of him having 2 Sons who also hanged out with a bunch of Multi-Colored Panthers called The Rainbow Panthers


Meanwhile in the 90s there was an incarnation were the Panther said words and sentences (not thoughts and hand movements) there are a couple of episodes on YouTube
in Awful Quality

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